What we offer at Veteran Painting Inc....

A variety of painting, handyman, and powerwashing services: 

- Interior painting: ceilings, walls, baseboards, trim, and doors.

- Spray painting railings, built in cabinets, spindles, shelving, etc, using lacquer or paint. 

-Commercial Painting: painting businesses or office painting, commercial exterior painting.

- Staining railings, varnish finishes, staining cabinets, shelving, etc. 

- Drywalling services, including smaller areas needing replacements for renos, ceiling repairs, patch work.

- Handyman services like removal and replacing of baseboards, trim, and doors. Replacement of old hardware like handles and hinges for a renovation. Carpeptry repairs, minor carpentry.

- 70's or 80's cabinets in kitchen looking outdated (or older cabinets?) Don't replace, we can simply prime and paint the old wood cabinets, and are very skilled at creating "distressed" look or simple painted look with beautiful finish. We'll replace all hinges and door handles too. Painting cupboards or cabinets.

- Exterior painting, including homes, businesses, out buildings. Including minor repairs and wood replacement to trim, flashing, soffit, facia, etc. Painting of garage doors, all trim, stucco, etc. 

- Decks or fences, including replacing boards and repairs. 

- Barns, garages, out buildings. 

- New renovation drywall priming, sealing, and painting.  

-Power washing services for condos, homes, office exteriors, or businesses. It's amazing what washing the dust off can do to change a condo unit, home or business.  

-Laminate flooring for houses, and even on walls! I've been installing them on walls now in living rooms, or a feature wall in a room, and it looks fantastic! I use an air nailer to attach it to the wall, and basically it's the same as a floor, only an incredible look to a wall or room. 

-Tile for bathrooms, or back-splash in a kitchen reno. Easy to install and grout, along with painting services. For a fairly straight forward tiling job, why hire a tiling company and a painter? 

-Paint old bathroom tiles and tub! I use a high end epoxy, commercial grade, used for dock painting and wet surface painting, that you can paint right over old tiles and tubs, without the cost of replacing the tiles, the tub, or anything. Beautiful glossy white finish, right over top of old 50's or 60's flowery tile patterns, or old pink or yellow tubs from way back. Huge reduction in cost by simply painting over it. Holds up fantastic for years and years to shower in or have baths in, no problem! Ask about this for sure! 

We pride ourselves on giving HONEST and OPEN discussion on what we'll do, what we can't do, and what you are expecting. 

We look forward to setting a time to meet with you, and discussing your new colors and ideas! 

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