We cut all the beams off flush with the fascia, used exterior spackle to smooth it flush, replaced other rotten corner boards on the fascia, and with the siding and all trim done, the result was amazing, what a change!! 

​it began to look brand new again! 

Out of ammo for now, check back soon! 


The picture on the right, we put new lino, new baseboards, new hinges, handles, and all new paint. The cabinet looks new now, without the cost of replacing it. 

We replaced and painted all doors, all trim, all baseboards, all handles, hinges, and hardware. 

We also installed new laminate floors in the kitchen and living rooms.


We replaced a few spindles, some of the railing, and sanded this old deck down, and used a high quality deck and fence stain, an oil product that soaked into the wood and gave it a wonderful look. 

We put on new door handles and hinges, and painted doors and trim with a bathroom enamel.  All walls were then coated with a high quality bathroom/moisture paint, and the transformation is unbelievable! 

We painted right over the tiles and bathtub itself using a Macro-Epoxy with ceramic finish. The result was a brand new looking bathroom without the cost of tile replacement or tub replacement! 

This was a large project, with a three storey walk out in the back, and large chimney stack to reach. After sanding and scraping and priming, the effort was worth it. The house looks brand new and the siding looks like it was just installed. ​

​BEFORE                                                                                                                                                          AFTER


We pulled the old tile off in this other bathroom, replaced the green board on the walls, and re-tiled this bathroom with "barnwood" looking tile, amazing looking! 


This back deck railing and sides were peeling terribly. We power sanded and primed and used a high end latex stain/paint hybrid, and this house looks fantastic! 

This house had major peeling, rotten wood on sills, and rotten deck and railing spindles. After new boards were installed, and old sills scraped and sanded and then primed (see the white paint on the sills and above front window) 

This old ensuite bath had 70's wood doors, baseboards, and trim. We added new doors, new trim, new baseboards, and stain matched the new wood header above the lights.                           




This old dark wood looking room was transformed into a white and bright old fashinoned looking country kitchen! Looks amazing now! 

We did two colors in this one, and repainted only the walls, and then used the existing trim paint to touch up the tops of all baseboards for a super straight line finish and the final product from the old color, was simply excellent! 



yup, I think we're out...

Again, no way you could tell this was the same bathroom. 



We masked and prepped the maple railing, using a lacquer stain to match the exisiting cabinets in the house. We finished with two coats of transparent varnish, creating a smooth and glassy look and soft feel to the railing as you slide your hands over it. 

Notice the top left of the photos, the beam sticking out on the sunny side. It was rotted because it stuck out past the peak, all three beams on the house were rotten like this.

Excellent Painters



Here are some excellent examples of before and after pics, and what some finished products look like:

We had to scrape and power sand each board, and scrape all the old window and door caulking off...

We also painted all the walls, some of the ceilings, and all trim and basboards. Final result is amazing, but I think the railing was the key feature to this reno. 

We completely redid this whole bathroom, new tub, new tiles, new sink and cabinet, new baseboard, doors, hinges, handles, towel racks, new floor, new toilet, all of it. 

What an amazing change, the owners love their new bathroom! 

We replaced rotten boards, used wood primer and 2 top coats of high end moisture resistant paint, re-caulked all openings, and you'd never reconize that this was the same house.

Now it has a beautiful cottage feel to it, and the owners were brought to tears at the change. The owners also reported back the huge savings on their heating bill over the winter, with all new caulking around openings! 


Typical 80's wood cabinets. We primed with an oil undercoat, two top coats, and then worked to produce the "distressed" look, clients loved it! We even made cuts into the panelled doors to produce a wood slat look.